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At Supreme Geotech we manufacture high strength Non-Woven Geo Bags for Coastal Protection. These bags can be filled with sand and are used for riverbed, beach and form a low-cost, reversible solution for the protection of hydraulic structures by reinforcing the existing barriers of the river banks, beach fronts and other water bodies. In comparison to conventional practices of using gravels and hard rocks for erosion protection, sand-filled Geo Bags are an effective, low-cost alternative. Bags can be filled with locally available sand, instead of transporting boulders which can incur high costs.

We have an in-house capacity of producing various types of Geo Bags, most commonly used products are 300 GSM Geo Bag and 400 GSM Geo Bag, made out of polyester and polypropylene Geo Textile. We can also customize the bags sizes to suit the design and installation requirements of a project. Our Geo Bag manufacturing unit boasts of the latest machines to help us achieve the best quality and a very high production output.



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Product Specification

Conforms to global standards

• Available at affordable prices and in custom shapes and sizes

• Easy installation without any strenuous or labor-intensive efforts

• Low transportation cost and less space required for construction works

• Construction material like sand is locally available

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