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We manufacture felts that are customised for a variety of industrial applications across applications covering sectors such as Exhibitions, Event Management, Home Furnishings, Construction, Automobiles, and Energy.

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Construction Felt

Felt is used extensively in the construction industry for floor protection and separation of dissimilar substrates.

Weight: 120 – 800gsm

Width: 1 – 5 Meter

Roofing Felt

Our felt is used on roofs for water proofing treatments.

Weight: 100 – 600 gsm

Width: 1 – 5 Meter

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Garment Industry

Our felts are used in the garment industry for interlining, shoulder pads, applique work, etc. Our felts are made from man made fibres like polyester, polypropylene, and viscose fibres, making them highly suitable for the garment industry.

Thickness: 0.8 – 3mm

Sizes: As per customer specifications

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Fire Barrier Cloth

We make fire retardant fabrics that are extensively used in various industries.

Width: 1 – 4 Meters


Carpet Backing Felt

We manufacture felt which is used as a secondary backing for carpets to provide additional strength and dimensional stability. 

Thickness: 2 – 5 mm

Width: 2 – 4 Meter

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